Friday, February 3, 2012

PSP Games~!

As I mentioned in another post, I intended on buying a PSP. I finally bought it, and a memory stick adapter in order to save files.

Blah, blah, blah; A few hours later, and I can finally play Project Diva 2nd, Heart no Kuni no Alice (Anniversary Vers.), and Pop'n Music Portable! These are my first impressions of the games.

Project Diva 2nd is pretty fun, and not to hard for me to grasp (except for those darn directional buttons). I love the graphics, and it's got a couple of my favorite Vocaloid songs on there. Unlocking the songs is pretty slow, since you have to meet certain criteria, like 242 Fine or higher ratings on notes on Normal Mode; that much will get you a score of "standard". I find it very irritating, and so far I only have 6 songs.

Pop'n music is equally fun, but I like it a lot better. The controls take getting used to, especially on 7 button mode. I like the selection of music, and unlike Project Diva, you start out with more than 5 songs. I was pretty surprised that they have a few anime songs, like "Cruel Angel's Thesis" and the upbeat One Piece opening, "We Are!" I played it almost all night!

The random English is a little awkward. It's not bad, but I get tired of hearing "Let's go on a Picnic!" every time I turn on the game.

I haven't played very much of HnKnA, yet. Because the game is meant for older players, there are a lot of kanji I haven't learned yet. There are also no furigana to help with the reading of the kanji. I've begun writing down phrases and words I don't know, to help myself out. There is no English patch for HnKnA (which forces me to learn), so it takes a while for me to understand everything.

Luckily, the game has voice-acting. From what I understand, it's pretty funny at times and Alice has a pretty sharp tongue.

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