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My alias is Lazuline/Lazurin. I'm an aspiring graphic designer and photographer. Currently, I'm learning Japanese language and hope to visit Japan when I become near good enough. It will probably be a while because I'm deathly afraid of offending people with bad Japanese. ^^;

All of the backgrounds on this blog are made my me. My tastes change pretty often so I change backgrounds with them, too!
I enjoy both American and Japanese animation and comic books. I spend more time reading and watching the Japanese ones, however. I prefer the flow of storyline to episodic ones; I usually don't finish episodic anime at all.

I love otome/Girl's games, and visual novels, and spend far too much time trying to find more to play. Basically, if an English Girl's game exists, I've probably tried playing it. Since most are in Japanese, I haven't played the very popular ones unless they have a translation patch. I've played a few games though, and the list keeps growing.

Japanese Only Games:
Tokimeki Girl's Side 3rd Story for Nintendo DS
Tokimeki Girls Side 3rd Story Premium for PSP(1.5  routes done)
Heart no Kuni no Alice for PSP (0 routes done)
Bakudan Handan for PSP (2.5/7 Routes)
Black Wolves Saga: Last Hope (New!)

English and English Patched Games:
Tokimeki Memorial Girls Side 1 for Nintendo D
Tokimeki Girl's Side 2 for Nintendo DS
Starry Sky in Spring for PC (1/3 routes, dropped)
Hakuouki Demon of the Fleeting Blossom for PSP (All routes finished)
RE:Alistair for PC (All route finished)
Katawa Shoujo (1 route done)

I enjoy learning new things, and sharing what I know. This blog is a collection of knowledge I've gathered over time and the new things I've learned.

If you wish to contact me about anything I can be reached using:

MyAnimeList: http://myanimelist.net/animelist/Lazurin

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