Monday, December 26, 2011

Fall 2011 Ending Impressions

As the end of the Fall 2011 anime season ends, I look back on my previous post: Fall 2011 Anime Schedule, First Impressions and evaluate my predictions. I suggest you read that first, before reading my evaluations.

I honestly have to say I was pretty mistaken!

Chihayafuru: Chihayafuru exceeded my expectations and has quickly become my favorite josei anime series. Despite being about a card games, I love the art style and character interactions. The pacing dragged in a few areas, but overall it's been very good. I hope they keep it up in the later episodes.

Mirai Nikki: My current favorite. While watching this show, I actually finished the manga, and I must say, I enjoy being able to watch what I read. 

Phi Brain: It's a little too shounen-esque for my tastes, but I'm pulling through it. I put in on hold for most of the season.

UN-GO: Un-Go was a little disappointing. It wasn't actually a detective anime despite being about a detective. I was so sad. The ending was fine, despite being a little lackluster. I was curious about who Inga really was, and why she/he was with Shinjurou but I guess I won't find out through the main series.

Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai: It wasn't exactly as interesting as I thought. It was kind of funny at first, at first, but I quickly lost interest. I'm certain I skipped a few episodes, but I wasn't really bothered. I'll re-watch it later, I suppose.


Kimi to Boku
Tamayura: Hitotose~

Persona 4: Just like the game, I never got around to it.
Working : Never started.

As far as the Winter 2011/2012 scheduling goes, I'm only looking forward to Another. Once I find out more information, I'll go more in depth, but I think winter is ust going to be for catching up ion old series.