Wednesday, December 28, 2011

"I Think You're Missing Something..." Anatomy Rant

Yes, your nipples are gone. Shocking, isn't it?

As one who prefers mature manga, it's almost unavoidable that I come across manga with scenes depicting sexual acts, shirtless scenes, or even a beach scene. 

So, I was reading a manga, and of course, a sex scene comes up. I was slightly amused by how they got around showing anything. Then I realized he had no nipples. 

This might not seem like a big deal, but it's pretty jarring now. It's not just that manga, they don't draw them in most manga. I'm not looking for them (excluding right now), but I think a little anatomical correctness would be nice. The girl has boobs and nipples perfectly drawn, but the guy doesn't.

I wasn't even aware male nipples were offensive!

Apparently it's so bad, that they can draw girls' crotches and nipples through their clothing, but they MUST avoid drawing male nipples at any cost! Even dots or circles are unforgivable!

In all seriousness, is there some kind of stigma against drawing male nipples? II find it really interesting, because in the US, it's wrong for female nipples to be shown, but not male nipples.

I suppose this has something to do with censorship, but I don't think it says anything specifically banning male nipples.