Sunday, December 2, 2012

Otome Game Re-releases

Despite my love of otome games, I'm becoming increasingly bored. I just can't find anything interesting to play, and the game companies aren't making it easy. This rant isn't only for Quinrose, but other game companies as well.

There's nothing I hate more, than playing the same story repeatedly. I appreciate it in the span of one game, but after completing that game, I lose interest unless there's a big development. This isn't a new occurrence, but there are too many remakes and re-releases!

The games are too similar to each other for me to enjoy, and there seem to be 5 versions of any popular game. Starry Sky, Uta*PriHeart no Kuni no Alice, Vitamin, etc. I keep seeing "new" games, and it feels like they're all the same. The original games themselves don't even have a solid plot that can be built on. They aren't sequels, they're remakes. They add new characters, remove a few old ones, change setting and now they have a new game? The story isn't different, the characterization is almost the same, and it feels like they're making excuses to draw out the games and profit. Each game is usually $40-$70, and they're making remake after remake.

I was crazy about Heart no Kuni no Alice when it came out, and after that I was losing interest. The new games assume you didn't fall in love with anyone in the previous game.
"The kingdom randomly switches lands sometimes. Don't worry about it. Your old friends are ...probably fine. Now you can fall in love with someone new! Or me, since you're my best friend now." 
In the next game, I think I heard that Alice goes back in time? At least that's a development. Sorry Quinrose, I'm not interested anymore since it's the FIFTH game in the series. Hakuouki falls under the same umbrella, but they at least released Hakuouki: Yuugiroku (a cute chibi version), to change pace.

Just for once, I would like a new premise. An ACTUAL sequel with a new plot (What if the people of Wonderland came to Alice's World? What if it wasn't Alice anymore? What if the one Alice fell in love with disappeared? What if?). Or maybe just a new original game. An otome game showing their lives afterwards as a playable route might even be cool.

Please, just stop the remakes...

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