Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Anime Eye Makeup: You're Doing it Wrong.

In the last post, I showed how to find the identity of anime characters in images. For some odd reason, I had a few human results. I ignored them for the most part until I got to this:


I'm not being mean, and I'm sure she's a ....very pretty girl underneath that 2D creature eating her eyelids, but, WHY DO YOU GUYS THINK THIS IS OK? It makes you look like a freak and makes your face look disproportionate.

The object of cosplay, at least in my head, is to make the character look as realistic as possible. Big eyes are needed, but that is NOT the way to do it unless you want people to laugh at you for:

1.) looking like an alien
2.) tripping or walking into a wall because you OBVIOUSLY can't see when you want to look like a KAWAII DESU ANIMU BISHIE.
3.) looking stupid.

Here is the RIGHT way to get anime-like eyes:
*Anime Makeup by TheCosplayCorner
It shows two different looks, so be careful not to do them both.
*Big Eyes like Japanese Models (Popteen Kumicky Inspired) by cl2425
I liked this one because it's actually an illusion using false lashes, not tons of makeup. It might not suit non-Asian eye types, though. Use this for extreme Japanese/anime-y eyes.
*Tutorial: False Eyelashes by ericaleung13
zWinnieYap's Youtube Channel zWinnieYap has several anime eye tutorials, so you can easily find the look you want. My favorites are Tutorial #2 and #3.
Anime Eye Makeup Tutorial by charltomwintale

I'll update this list as I find new links.