Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Vocaloid: SeeU

This isn't really anime, but comes up A LOT in anime culture. Vocaloids are a type of singing synthesizer program. It's not my job to explain this, so please right click this for further information.

Vocaloids often have anime mascots which cause noobs to spam certain forums asking where they can watch the anime. FYI, they don't have an anime.

Recently, a new vocaloid was named SeeU was announced. She will be bilingual, as well as the first Korean/Japanese vocaloid.
Honestly, her character design looks a little weird. She's really cute, but the face and cat ears really throw it off. Is it supposed to be moe or something? It looks silly...

Her voice sounds like a mixture of Luka and Rin, and seems deep for her design. I don't actually know Korean, so I can't really comment on her proficiency, but she sounds ...synthesized. I haven't heard her Japanese yet, but it's not like I'm really looking forward to anything from her. She doesn't seem like anything special, and will probably end up just like Lily for me. I only have one song from her...

Stats (taken from the Vocaloid Wikia):
Developer SBS Artech
Gender Female
Age 17
Height 159cm
Weight 44.5kg
Optimum genre K-Pop, Pop Ballad
Optimum tempo 60 ~ 170BPM
Optimum range C3 ~ C5
Voice provider Kim Tahi
Illustrator KKUEM

Sample: I = Fantasy

Official Site: