Saturday, June 9, 2012

How to Get A Japanese Playstation Network Account

About a month ago, I signed up for the Japanese Playstation Network, so I could download Japanese games. The process wasn't as complicated as I had previously thought. Aside from the instructions being in Japanese, it's a fairly simple process if you know what you're looking for. I'm sorry about the horrid lack of pictures. They refuse to post properly.

Things you'll need:

*A steady, fairly fast internet connection (if you're looking at this, you probably have one. Although the process is simple, it's time consuming. If the window closes, you start over.)
*A Japanese Address
*A charged PSP
*A little knowledge of Japanese (optional, but helpful)
*An email address
*A Credit Card

All of this is on the PSP, be sure it has enough of a charge to handle being on the internet for a while. In order to input English on the Text Entry Screens, press Select until you see English letters.:

  1. If you already have a US (or other country) PSN Account, write down your information if you don't know it; you cannot be signed into two regions at once. In order to switch regions, go to the Playstation Network tab, Account Settings, and press the TRIANGLE, it should bring up a menu. Choose Delete Account. All your information is saved, so you don't lose anything. Once you've done that, you should see this Sign Up for Playstation Network button. Click it.
  2. Choose Create a New Account, and click Next. Fill in your birth date, then set your country to Japan. The words will switch to Japanese. Click (次へ).
  3. The screen that comes up next is the Terms of Conditions agreement. Press DOWN and RIGHT, to skip to the options. Choose the 3rd option on the far right.
  4. The next screen is your Account Log-in. Fill in your Sign-in ID (email address), then a password with at least 8 letters and 1 number, then re-type your password. If you wish, click the check-box for Remember Me. After that are the Security Questions. I'm not going to explain each one, so just use the first one and add a response. Write it down. Click (次へ)
  5. On the next screen, choose your Online-ID. It must be at least 3-16 letters long and it can use hyphens. It can't be the same as your password. Click (次へ)
  6. Fill in your Last Name, then your First Name, and choose whether you are male (男性) or female (女性). Press (次へ).
  7. Now comes the hard part: your address. Addresses are structured like this:
      〒000-0000 東京都足立区 千住曙町00-0-TS000000
    So, in the first box, fill in the first 7 numbers. In the 2nd box, find the bolded part in the drop down menu. In the next line, add the next 3 characters of your address. Finally, in the 4th line, add everything else. Honestly, they don't seem to care if you enter the numbers wrong, since I entered it incorrectly the first time, but I wouldn't make it a habit. Press (次へ).
  8. On this screen, I'm not actually sure what it says, but I believe it's whether you want them to remember your information. Don't quote me on this one. Check it if you wish, then press (次へ).
  9. The last screen is a double check of your info. Just click (次へ), and you'll be good to go! 

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