Sunday, June 3, 2012

Diabolik Lovers~ Sakamaki Ayato Drama CD Review

Last night I downloaded and listened to Diabolik Lovers vol. 1 Sakamaki Ayato's drama CD last night. I totally cheated and looked at the translation beforehand, so that I at least knew what was going on. I wasn't actually sure what to expect, since I only found out they were planning to make this into a game last week. The designs had pretty art, so I decided to give it a try. I also didn't know what ドS meant, and found out the hard way.

The CD starts out with our heroine/you/blood snack waking up in an iron maiden next to some dude. Now, I'm no iron maiden expert, but I didn't think they were big enough to fit two people, even with the spikes removed.

You wonder what you're doing here, while thrashing around, and he makes up a lie about how you were lonely and wanted to embrace him, blah, blah. He really drugged your food and dragged you there to do who knows what to you while you were out cold. I wonder how he got his hands on your food in the first place, or why you ate food given to you by some strange guy who doesn't even fully button his shirt. Luckily for you, he fell asleep without doing anything.

You freak out, again, loudly banging on the iron maiden, until you succeed in making him really angry and he kicks open the iron maiden. He wonders if he should get a king sized iron maiden (from where? Ebay?) to fit more girls in. He starts calling you "breastless", since you're flat, and tells you to open the iron maiden. Obviously he has no ill-intentio-- oops~ You get shoved inside. Never saw that coming!

Ayato "teases" you by asking how it feels to be trapped inside, and how other might have felt being inside before telling you you could open it from the inside. You ask if that's really a torture device, and why he always tortures you like this, and he basically tells you to stop asking stupid questions because it should be obvious.

Since it's only sunset, he doesn't feel like hunting, and blames you. You two through things to pass the time (what? you want to play a game with your kidnapper? this isn't SAW!). He apparently has sports equipment in his room. You make the mistake of suggesting jump rope, and he suggests tying you up with it and closes the door. He asks where he should tie you up, maybe your feet because you always do this like kick him, and you start crying; to him, it's from sheer happiness.

Turns out, he just wanted to see you cry and look scared, because that turns him on and he was never going to tie you up. You call him mean or scary, and make him angry again.

Yada, yada, he see the moon and gets even more turned on; your blood smells good; etc. Then you try to run which turns him on even more... (I'm pretty sure everything turns on this guy at this point). He starts talking about whether to bite you, and where to bite you. Then how you're probably a masochist because you're always around him.

After a lot more talking and a little quiz game, he makes you drink an odd potion made by the butler guy. It's supposed to make your body hot, and daze you. You voluntarily drink it, and he forces you to swallow it by grabbing your neck. I thought that would make you spit it out, but apparently not.


The rest just sounds borderline rape. The only reason it's not rape is because there was no sex involved. It struck me as more creepy than hot, or whatever, as everyone says it is. It's probably because I'm not a big fan of the super "sadist"/torture genre. Girl gets tortured and mentally abused by pervy, sadistic, bishounen vampires? No thanks. I find that pretty tasteless.


Some of the sound effects were just odd. I couldn't even take the next parts seriously, especially with the
"licking" and "slurping" sounds that sound like he's eating a bowl of
noodles. The "choking" noises are especially unbearable to me, because it reminds me of a certain sound I absolutely hate. It sounds like rubber material being squeezed. It's hard to explain. Also, I giggled when I realized that one of the door noises was the same as the one used on Aol Instant Messenger.

In some places, there's actually soft music playing, which I found a nice plus.

VOICE: ♥♥♥♥

I have to say that the voice was extremely fitting. Midorikawa Hikari did an excellent job. I honestly didn't recognize him at all. I never pictured Seto Kaiba from Yugioh, as being the sadistic vampire character. This Drama CD used the dummy head for recording, and had an appropriate effect. I was listening to this in bed, in the dark, and I spazzed for a second because it felt like it was close to my ear.

It also feels weird, because there are no other voices besides his, which I suppose is the norm for otome game drama CDs. I kind of would like the heroine to have a voice, too...

Overall, the CD was done well if you enjoy stories where the heroine/you is basically assaulted and tortured by sadistic vampires, with great voice acting and iffy sound effects. I give it a 3/5 ♥♥♥♥♥.

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