Monday, March 19, 2012

I'm Jealous of Japan's Kit Kats

"Otona no Amasa" means Adult Sweetness
I went to a Japanese garden's spring festival and anime fair this past Saturday and found something really nice: "Otona no Amasa White Kit Kat"!

I usually don't like Kit Kats, and rarely eat them, but I jumped at the chance. This particular flavor is made in Japan and --like most of Kit Kat's flavors-- only available there or at certain Asian markets.

PhotobucketI'm not quite certain why, but almost all of Kit Kat's flavors are Japanese. Only around six of them are released in the US and half of those are limited. Meanwhile, Japan has over 50 different flavors. It makes me really jealous of Japan! While I'm glad we don't have soysauce flavored Kitkats, I would at least like sakura (my 2nd favorite), or caramel salt flavors~! I guess I can only hope.

The pictured box above (which I already opened as you can probably see) is part of the Japanese Kit Kat "Otona no Amaisa" or "Adult Sweetness" line. It cost me exactly $4, which I was happy to spend. While the US has White Creme flavored, it's sadly not real white chocolate and too sickly sweet for my liking. The Adult Sweetness line is advertised as less sweet versions of Kit Kats made for adults (and people like me). Unlike normal Kit Kats, I didn't immediately feel sick after eating them, which means they're telling the truth.

The box included 3 packages of mini twin Kit Kats, which were eaten far too quickly. They were absolutely delicious. I kind of wish I had bought more than one box.

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