Sunday, November 27, 2011

Starry Sky~ In Spring~: Final Impressions

A couple weeks ago, I finally finished playing Starry Sky ~ In Spring~. I have to say, it's a pretty okay game, but not my cup of tea.

A lackluster ending
Like most visual novels, it involves a lot of reading. Despite the fact that I like reading, I found myself skipping through the text just to get to interesting parts and choices A LOT. It took me three months just to finish Suzuya's route because I didn't feel like playing it.

In Starry Sky, you're the only girl in a former boys' school, and you attend with your two childhood friends who are both, of course, in love with you because you're the only girl they've ever been in contact with. Neither of them has to face their feelings until a new exchange student (who is also a childhood friend of yours) comes and constantly professes his love for you.

For a little while, your two friends Suzuya and Kanata struggle with this new group dynamic and love triangle, but eventually they all become close friends and eat lunch together and have friendly quarrels. During this time, you can strengthen your relationship with any one of the three boys in hopes of getting their good (or true) ending.

That's fine for most, but I was bored to death.

The heroine, or Tsukiko, is a plain, eyeless Mary-sue. It’s the norm, but I get sick of it. Can’t I have some personality? I’m not one of those people that project themselves on to things like this. For me, it’s supposed to be a story about the two characters, and if the girl has no personality, it feels lacking. That wasn’t my problem, though. I was fairly amused by all the creative ways they got around showing her face.

The boys feel like they lack a little characterization, but I can only comment on Suzuya. He’s a nice caring guy, who doesn’t confess his true feelings. He didn’t open up as much as I’d have liked, nor did he show his jealous side much. I did like the scene where he beat up the guy stalking/threatening you, but it was wasted. They could have drawn a cool CG, instead of just showing him standing there as usual.

There are no other named characters in the game. In other words, you only see the 3 boys throughout the entire game. The other characters are just voices.

There were around 20 choices to make throughout the game, which also got on my nerves. It doesn't feel like you make much of a difference in the story. The route is pretty short: around a couple hours long depending on your reading speed.

I suppose I was expecting too much out of a girls' game like this. I'm just too used to stat based games (RE: Alistair++ and Tokimeki GS anyone?). Starry Sky just isn’t the game I was looking for. I give the game a 3/5 since I was bored of it and there was nothing interesting to draw me into playing the game.

If you like romance, imagining yourself as the characters in the game, and slice of life feeling games, then this is for you, but it’s definitely not for me; probably because I skipped through half the game...