Sunday, August 14, 2011

Starry Sky~ In Spring~ - First impressions

After hearing a lot about this game, I decided to download Starry Sky in Spring. Currently I've gotten everything working including the English Patch.

I'm not really sure who to go for though... I suppose I'll try Suzuya Tohzuki's  route first. His hair looks like a bird's wing.

Responsible Suzuki and Reckless Kanata
Art: The art seems OK-ish. The coloring is very nice, but they have long bodies and awkward poses. The backgrounds are oddly detailed and look painted. It doesn't mesh with the CG people. Needless to say, I'm not really awed. It feels strange. I'd have also appreciated some kind of mouth movement since they have voice acting... but I won't be a brat. This is my first real PC otome game after all.

Story: Oh look. She had a dream about her childhood. Is this a staple in all otome games?
I've got to wonder how Tsukiko ended up being the only girl in a Co-ed school. Do girls hate stars or something? I don't understand it at all. She also has no eyes. It's pretty freaky at times. The game has a few comical moments in the first part.

Tomoe Yoh is a freaking stalker. That is all. His smiling face creeps me out. It's just the combo of the eyes and the mouth... He looks like some kind of... soulless shell. His words also border on sexual harassment. But I guess it's OK since he's supposed to be French:

Suzuya: "Sorry, Sorry, Tomoe-kun. Kanata is just fooling around. Forgive him."
Kanata: "W-Who is?! Why would I want to fool around with this kind of guy?!"
Tomoe: "I'm also bothered by that. Anyways...the only one I want to fool around with is Tsukiko."

I'm not sure if that's the English translation or just the patch talking... but that was odd considering he came to this school just to find you after around 8-10 years...
A Half Japanese, Half French stalker... Yoh

Anyways, those were the first impressions after about 10 mins of gameplay.