Saturday, August 13, 2011

More Tokimeki Rambling: Tokimeki GS1's Tendou Jin Part One.

Since I can't think of anything to type, I'll just tell you more about Tokimeki GS1. Today's goal is: the secret character Tendou Jin.

In Tokimeki, Stats work like this: (Green stats are raised ones. Red Stats are lowered ones.)

Studying: Intelligence, Arts, Style, Fitness and Social.

Painting: Arts, Intelligence, and Style, Fitness and Social
Excercising: Fitness, Social, Charm, Intelligence, and Arts
Reading Magazines: Style, Charm Arts, Social, Intelligence
Grooming Style, Charm, Arts, Social, Fitness, Intelligence.

Brass Band Club: Intelligence, Arts, Social, Fitness


This character requires you to be quite smart and fairly well rounded. You also have to ignore practically everyone around you.

Year One:  The Boring Stuff
I got the room that gives you added Intelligence, and studied a lot. As soon as the option came up, I joined the Brass Band Club.

Since I was so smart, I met Flower-loving megane, Moriyama. Since Childhood Friend Hazuki already hates me, Moriyama is the guy I have the highest affections. In order to win my love, he comments on how well I'm doing in Club, the finals... etc.

After spamming the Club and Studying option until July, I tried in vain to raise my fitness before Finals came. Too bad I didn't do too well and failed Home Ec. Because I have to be athletic to do Home Ec. stuff. I got okay scores on the others so I didn't fail completely. I got 60th place, or so.

August: At my club's training camp, my cooking was horrible since I had low Social stats. Himuro-sensei demanded a self-reflection report.Then he yelled at me about bot not trying hard enough, even though I've attended every meeting and practiced about 10 days out of each month

October: I overdid it and got sick. My stats fell. The Damage wasn't too bad though... It doesn't matter in the long run.

November, since my Intelligence and arts were high enough, so I tried raising Style, since it's the current highest I have.

Moriyama disliked me last month, but now he's okay with me even though I've been ignoring the guy since I met him. I think he's desperate. Hazuki REALLY hates me and Himuro-sensei is OK with me.

December: As I was raising my Style, I met resident cool guy Kijyo Madoka. He made a bad joke, then asked me on a date before remembering he had an interview and runs away.

Since I met resident cool-guy, I met resident trendy girl Natsumi. Hanging out with her could raise my Style, and Social... but I'm not really going to bother being friends, or else I'll get her ending.  I do NOT want that. I love how Konami teaches you to use people then ignore them to get something else.

Finals again; failed Home Ec. for the second time in a row. I accidentally skinshipped Moriyama. Great. I've given him hope.

I spent my first birthday alone. Tsukushi, my little brother warned me not to become an old maid.
At the Annual Christmas party, I gave Kijyo a kitten calender. It made him happy, though. I thought he'd hate it.

Ending and beginning stats are to the left.

Year 2, Getting Good:

January New Year's, I went to the shrine with Tsukushi. I finally got Excellent Luck as a fortune for the first time ever! :DD

I can finally trigger Tendou's first event! I went shopping by myself for the first time in this game to run into Jin. Luckily, the day you see in the pic in the left was a Sunday.

On the way home, I ran into Natsumi and Kijyo. They totally ruined it and I didn't meet Tendou. So much for Excellent Luck. They wasted my Sunday, and I had to wait until Saturday to go shopping again. e__e

The next Saturday, I repeated the process, and ran into... ARISAWA AND MORIYAMA. Why do these people keep interrupting me? I couldn't go the next Saturday, and Sunday was club practice...

The next and last Sunday of the month, I ran into Moriyama again... still no Tendou. =___=;;

Sunday, February 2nd: Ran into Natsumi
Sunday, February 9th: Ran into Arisawa and Moriyama.
Tuesday, February 11th: Finally a holiday. Ruined by Moriyama. You darn stalker.

On Valentine's day I made some homemade chocolates to take home to Tsukushi. You don't get to see his reaction. o. o

Sunday, February 23rd: I ran into the OTHER secret character Chiharu. At least I'm getting close... I probably shouldn't have replied to his email.

Sunday the 2nd. I ran into creepy guy Hanatsbaki Goro.

Finals again. I failed Home Ec but at least I got 52nd place.

Sunday the 9th.  Met Goro again.
Sunday the 31st. Met Moriyama and Hazuki.... *sigh*


FINALLY. I ran into Tendou Jin. He runs into you, trying to get away from some thugs who are chasing him. He pulls you into the store. When you ask what he's doing, his response is the one to the left.

Since I can't meet him 'til finals, I need to boost my charm, social and fitness.

 June: I quit band right before the sports festival and met the annoying shota/kouhai Hibiya. He currently has the higest affection with me, next to Kijyo. I joined the Cheer Club to help raise the remaining stats. I'm not sure why I haven't gotten a job besides game tester yet...

Right before exams, I ran into Tendou Jin. You find out he's a student at Hanegasaki High and hang out a little before he gets a phone call and leaves. At least he realizes you aren't some snooty rich school kid.

After Exams... I'll just record subsequent events:

Hazuki got jealous. I had to call and ask him on a date. The next day, Moriyama got jealous and I had to ask him out.This might not seem like no big deal, but they "bomb" you. Which is the equiv. of spreading horrible rumors that cause you to lose points with every person you've met so far, and makes it so that you can't get anyone's ending. ...yeah.

At this point, I'm calling it a day. I'll probably finish his ending later, and not bother posting it. XD