Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Obentou~ Obentou~

Before school started, I realized I needed a lunchbox. I was going to be normal, and get a plain one, but they were so childish. I'm a young adult, I don't want a Dora the Explorer lunchbox. I also don't want a cloth/plastic one, since they are so cheaply made. After fruitless searching, I gave in and bought a bento box.

Bentou are simply packed meals. Some people make amazingly fancy kyaraben, or "character bentou", but I'm not that dedicated. Dekoben Culture, isn't something I'm good with. I don't have the time to make detailed, decorated lunches everyday, especially since I'm nearly dirt poor. However, it is pretty cool to look at!

I bought this bentou from Amazon for $18 (be careful, it doesn't open in a new window). It's a lot smaller than I thought it would be. It's slightly longer than an normal can of soda, only a couple inches wide, and maybe 4 inches tall. The top tier is similar to a tupperware container, with I thought was pretty nice. It also has a strap. It feels very secure.

Excuse my messy desk. In the back, you can kind of see the Pita Pan Sandwich Sealer I also bought in the background.

You can't see them, but I also bought silicon cupcake containers to hold small things.

This is tomorrow's lunch:

Sealed Ham and Cheese Sandwich
Diced Colby Jack cheese

It's not much, but I haven't eaten at school for two days...