Friday, August 19, 2011


So, this post might seem a little harsh, but I do. I don't mean I hate anime fans, or people who insist on calling themselves... otaku. I hate those obsessive people I warn people about at cons. That's not being a fan.

Sure, I spend all day at home watching anime or something, but I know I'm at least a fairly sane nerd. I'm not obsessed with the characters and want to marry them. I don't run around going "KAWAII DESU SUGOI!", unless I'm being purposefully snide. I don't like shipping, or slash pairings, or yaoi pairings.I get sick and tired of people turning anime into yaoi-bait, like Black Butler. IT. IS. NOT. YAOI.

Quit telling me that Nezumi and Shion are a yaoi pairing in No. 6 novels. I don't care. I'd be happy if there was no romance at all, because that's how I am. Stop shipping all the countries in Hetalia. Kakashi is not in love with Sasuke, Sakura, Naruto, Iruka, or Neji. Stop wondering who's the uke and seme. Just. Stop. It. It's annoying. Keep your fujoshi fantasies to yourself. >:I

If you're wondering about how this rant started: I was browsing Weaboo Horror Stories on Tumblr, having been redirected from Gaia Online.

As I was browsing the page, I read one horror story about glomping. As I read, I noticed they were in my state, cosplaying a familiar duo, and the person had a familiar username. I did some checking and realized they were people I knew, and occasionally joked around with at cons since we shared the same hobby. We aren't particularly close, but the disturbing part was that someone made her cosplaying partner cry and didn't even care.

Not cool. I feel so sorry for her and her friend. They are both cool people, and it sucks that someone did that to them.

How can you make someone cry, and not care? Do we just get apathetic people at cons? I mean, I can hand wave many things that show up on the news, and not think two thoughts about it again. However, even I can't make someone cry without feeling horribly awkward and compelled to make them feel better.

This is sad, and it makes me remember all the bad/ creepy stuff and annoying people at cons.
 Especially the most recent con I went visited:

A cosplayer who nearly hit me in the face with her prop, and didn't bother apologizing.

Rude Hetalia fans invaded our panel 15 minutes before it was time for theirs, then whispered about how our hobby was creepy, kept harassing another Hetalia cosplayer with us, and being so loud and disruptive we packed up 5-10 minutes early just because we wanted out of their way. I was so upset from the entire day that I left the con early.

2 years ago, when I went to that con, it was mostly comic book people, and was boring. There were about 2 anime fans for every 5 comic people. I had the chance to walk around freely without being elbowed, read a few comics and have a nice conversation with a couple people.

This year, the ratio of anime fans to comic people was 40 anime fans to 1 comic people. I didn’t even have a chance to browse the dealer room.

At my next con, I have the chance to help at a Maid CafĂ© with the people in my hobby. Now, I have to worry about if there will be any idiots who will harass us, or whether it will be a peaceful affair. I’ll also have to change at the con, lest I risk being dressed as a maid on public transportation.

Now that realization has set in, I’m at the, “I’m not looking forward to this.” phase of the con period. So concludes my rant.