Monday, July 16, 2012

My PSP and Updates

It's been a while since an update thread, so here goes:
My PSP is currently out of commission for games. Buying Japanese UMDs is expensive, so I download the games. It's quicker than waiting for shipping, but downloading from the PSN Network is an absolute pain. I had to remove my games from my PSP for a while, so I won't be able to play any otome games. I won't be much help for finding specific images in walkthroughs or making walkthroughs. I mentioned this before in my Bakudan Handan review briefly. Currently, my PSP is a giant MP3 player, but I don't review music, so it's worthless.

However, when my PSP is back up and running, I have a better layout for game walkthrough in mind. It should help a little with the confusion when finding CGs. I'm also working on the Bakudan Handan review, which will be, more or less, in full Japanese.

I've recently started watching anime again, but I'm in summer school and preparing for college. Anime kind of takes the back-burner a lot and gets horribly neglected. I will most likely only do final impressions of anime series from now on,  since it's far easier to keep track of what I finish than what I start. 

I made a poll, and it seems that the overwhelming majority (95%) of people want more otome game reviews and walkthroughs.
Totally done. <3
Cosplay and convention tips got 27% of votes; Bento making and anime reviews got 18% of votes. I actually have something in mind for convention tips once my skin stops acting up, and I've been thinking up some new bento ideas. Manga reviews and Japanese culture and news things are gone until further notice, since the number of votes they got were abysmal and it's hard thinking up ideas for those.

I've also noticed that people are trying to add me on Yahoo messenger. Please don't. I don't approve requests from people I have never really talked to.
Aside from that, everything is going pretty well. Expect more entries in the future as I finish summer school~! ^^

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