Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I'm sick...

As per my usual, I am not feeling well. I get sick far too often due to stress and fatigue, and I have been feeling extremely lethargic (excuse the lack of a real entry). I don't like taking medications unless I absolutely need to, so I've been researching various items to help me feel better. One of the things I came across was okayu (お粥), Japanese rice porridge.

Ohana from Hanasaku Iroha eating rice porridge

Okayu, in the simplest terms, is rice boiled with a lot of water until it reaches a porridge or soup-like consistency. It can be eaten for other reasons, but usually it's used for the ill. When it's thin in consistency, it's very easy to digest and contains various nutrients-- perfect for people who can't eat anything.

I made rice porridge a long time ago, and it was extremely helpful. Right now, I wish I had some. I haven't been eating very much because eating normal foods is painful for my stomach. Unfortunately, I don't have the ingredients or the energy to make it.

At this point, I'm cutting this entry short, because my fever is going back up again and I'm getting tired.

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