Saturday, December 17, 2011

Rant: "Kawaii" Added to the Oxford Dictionary

This rant is long overdue, but I've been procrastinating. A while ago, the word kawaii was added to the Oxford dictionary. My first reaction was "WHYYYYYY~!"

I don't understand why that was necessary. I know that language evolves and loan-words are common. However, isn't that for words that don't exist already in our language? Why didn't they get a word like tsundere or yandere or moe?

We already have a word for "cute", people! Why are we adding kawaii? Is the word so popular among otaku that we have to add it to the dictionary?

Not only did they add a useless, abused word like kawaii, but they have the wrong pronunciation. "Keh-Why".

Really? Kewai?

Are you serious, Oxford? Couldn't you have checked the pronunciation, first? kewai means make-up or cosmetics, not cute!

I don't know what to think anymore...