Tuesday, October 4, 2011

C³ First Impressions

Warning: This Anime Contains Significant Amounts Of Loli, Tsundere, Nudity, and Fanservice. Please find another anime if you are allergic to anything listed above.
Yesterday I watched the anime of the fall 2011 season: C³: Cube, Cursed, Curious. This was not on my list of anime to watch, but someone said it was interesting so I gave it a try. After an hour, I finally finished the entire 20-minute episode. My computer refused to load the video all the way, and I had/have trouble sitting or lying still due to a pinched nerve in my hip.

So far, it seems like the typical "Ordinary boy finds strange super-powered tsundere loli; hilarity ensues." anime. Since I watched the badly subbed version, I can only hope new subs appear later. I’m not going to spoil the whole episode, so I’m giving a summary of the entire episode from my point of view. I'm probably not going to do this again.
My Summary:
After around 5 minutes of voice over dialogue, we see our protagonist, Yachi Haruaki, signing off on a delivery of a mysterious box.

After molesting inspecting the box, he decides it can't be any good; into the basement it goes! Haruaki decides to go to sleep.

Suddenly, he is awakened by a noise-- the crunch of a rice cracker-- and automatically discerns that it's coming from the kitchen. I can totally hear someone eating rice crackers in my kitchen from my bedroom, too! [/sarcasm].

He creeps around the corner to find a naked loli eating rice crackers in his kitchen. I was actually surprised they didn’t do the usual “pervert sees naked girl” route. She guards herself against further molestation with the rice crackers, and yells what seems to be her catch phrase: I’ll curse you! Suddenly, it dawns on him who this is, right before getting hit in the face with a pot. In case it wasn’t obvious, she was the box.

I liked how the sparkles you see are actually little cubes. They paid a lot of attention to the effects in this anime.

The little loli, whose name is Fear, immediately shows off her tsundere tendencies in the next few scenes. While they have a little chat over houjicha and rice crackers, you learn why she’s there. Her emotions are evident in her eyes… literally. I found that pretty cute.

They deliberately use an under the table shot to show she is wearing shima-pantsu-- striped panties frequently seen in anime—under her oversize white shirt.

I’m really confused as to why a high school boy who lives alone has a pair of shima-pantsu at his disposal, but I guess it’s better not to ask.

The osana najimi-- childhood friend-- comes for a visit, bringing rainbow colored light and sparkles in her wake! She’s brought dinner breakfast for Haruaki. Fear and the osana najimi, Konoha, begin the usual non-love triangle spat. For some unknown reason, when Konoha gets angry, things break. I can only assume she’s also not human. The animators don’t miss the opportunity to expose Konoha’s pink panties.

Haruaki and Konoha leave for school, leaving Fear alone with a Rubik’s Cube and the TV Remote. Fear is momentarily enthralled by the children’s show until it ends. She then realizes that the house is darker and colder than she had previously noticed.

She decides it’s time to go out! I have no clue where she got those clothes, once again. After wandering around, she’s mistaken for lost by some shop keepers. After a nice heartwarming moment, she decides to return home.

In an attempt to do a good deed, she tries cleaning, and fails miserably. When Haruaki and Konoha get home, the house is a wreck.

Konoha notices something, and they head into town and talk to the aforementioned shopkeepers. Cue another heartwarming moment, and a sweet speech to Fear, and all is well. Haruaki and Fear make dinner together and Konoha camps outside their house like a creeper. The end. :D

Now, I'm not a big fan of anime like these, but the beautiful effects and detail deserve some praise. They use the cube motif a lot in this anime, and it's pretty interesting seeing how they incorporate it into the episode.

At this point, the story is a little murky. I'm hoping it will pan out in later episodes. I might actually continue watching this anime.