Saturday, August 6, 2011

Why I'm Glad My Family Understands Anime (NSFW)

Today's post is short since I'm low on time and need sleep. Forgive bad grammar and typos that aren't of the norm.
Alternate Title: Why Everyone Else Would Think I'm a Pervert.

I had to add the jump so you don't end up like me....

There are times when I'm really glad my family and friends understand anime. This is is basically 60% of the day.

Since I watch a lot of anime, I've become used to certain things, so there are awkward moments when I'm watching anime and I don't notice the wrongness of the situation. Take my one of my favorite anime, Chobits. I read the manga, and decided to watch the anime but I forgot about one little issue...

"NO MOM. It's not what you think, he's just trying to find her ON switch!"


Uh... yeah. I also have the amazing ability to say wrong things, and not realize it until I say it.

Those who've seen Chobits will laugh at this moment.

Those who haven't, don't worry, it's not a Hentai (pr0n): She's a robot, and her "Father" wanted to keep her pure. So~ he put her ON/OFF switch there, so anyone who tries to... *ahem*... will wipe all her memories. So, if the person truly loved her, they wouldn't try.

It's honestly a heartwarming story. Trust me.

Feel free to laugh at my awkwardness.